• That works will be finished to a professional standard
  • Floor finishes we use are guaranteed to be of high standard
  • Nail holes, knot holes and gaps at the end of boards will require filling with an appropriate timber putty
  • Some variation in colour and grain between new and old boards
  • Timber floors will expand and contract according to the environment
  • Floor movement is quite normal
  • Some lighting, particularly down lights will produce a visible, fine, circular scratched effect on the floor – high gloss finishes tend to accentuate this. *There are new downlights available that reduce this.
  • Slight markings on skirting boards from contact with edger machine
  • Any silicone or silicone based products such as hair spray, fly spray, or ironing aids, and some cleaning agents may cause rejection with any subsequent recoats


  • Do not expect a completely dust free finish – there will always be some dust particles in the air which may settle on the wet coating and they will walk off quite quickly in traffic areas
  • Do not expect the removal of deep cuts such as those from carpet trimming knives or deep gauges in boards
  • Do not expect removal of all stains – animal urine stains and deep water marks are often impossible to remove
  • Do not expect gaps to be filled between boards as subsequent shrinkage and expansion in the timber will usually cause cracking in the filler
  • Do not expect boards that have been damaged by borers or any other insects to have the same gloss level as those in good condition – the gloss level on affected boards will always be lower
  • Do not expect any area filed with putty to have the same feel after application of coatings

Whilst the greatest of care is taken, some dust might be present due to the fine, talc like properties of sanded timber and polyurethanes.  The covering of furniture remains the responsibility of the home owner unless it is specifically noted on the quotation as required.

If skirting and architraves have been recently painted, whilst all care is taken, it is impossible to guarantee they will not be marked or scratched.   Alternatively, if you plan to paint the skirting, we suggest you leave the final coat until after the flooring has been completed. 

Removal of carpet, furniture, machinery, etc has not been allowed for, unless stated on quotation.

All quotation prices are subject to all work being carried out during normal working hours.

Clients will need to call the office the day before the job is booked, to confirm the start time.

Park Avenue Floors pride ourselves on being punctual and contactable, but should the client be confined by time restraints, we advise the use of a key safe or contact the office to make alternative arrangements for a key.

When sanding cork or dense timbers such as jarrah, a very fine dust is produced, so we advise that extra precautions are taken to cover furnishing, fittings, etc.

When staining floors it is impossible to completely avoid minimal splashes to the skirtings.